Data Platform Manager

Automated data processing without IT

Put your business in the driver’s seat

Erweitern Sie Ihre Data Platform Architektur mit dem Data Platform Manager und vereinfachen Sie die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Fachbereich und IT.

With our Load Master module, your business users can independently monitor all loading steps from the data source to the data mart with a user-friendly interface and thus have 100% transparency about the completeness of your data. If required, you can even start loading jobs independently without involving IT and reload or update missing data or corrections up to the report.
And what’s more: uploading and processing manual data, such as Excel files, is also easily possible with the Data Platform Manager and the Manual Data Management module.

100% transparency and flexibility for your business unit


User-friendly interface

To work with the Data Platform Manager, your business has a modern and user-friendly HTML 5-based web interface at its disposal, which was developed with the .NET Framework from Microsoft and can be used by the business units without any problems.

« The Data Platform Manager offers an excellent overview and configuration options to avoid losing track of complex ETL processes.»

Mathias Zimmermann

An in-house development
of BSgroup Data Analytics

The Data Platform Manager is a in-house development of BSGROUP Data Analytics.

For our experienced consultants, the Data Platform Manager is a project accelerator that is used in almost all of our projects.

Based on best practices and integrating the latest technologies, the Data Platform Manager is regularly enhanced by our product team.



Permission control, document store and nested list
The main module of the Data Platform Manager consists of the Permission Control, the Document Store and the Nested List. With the authorisation control, you can manage role-based access to the individual areas of the software.

The Document Store archives all types of files that you upload via the web interface and thus serves to historise your manual data.

The Nested List is a visualisation component that allows you to map individual hierarchies and views in a very simple way.

MODULE SSAS Management

Simple cube configuration for your IT
Your IT will love this module because our SSAS Management makes it easy to manage the storage and performance of the SSAS cube. In addition, SSAS Management gives you an overview of all objects used in the cube, making object-specific maintenance of permissions child’s play.

MODULE Auditing

Storage space forecasts for your DWH
Whether on-prem or in the cloud – transparency about the growth of used storage space per data load or the general consumption of storage space in your DWH is an important component for capacity and cost planning in modern data management. With the help of our auditing module, you can create storage space forecasts more easily than ever before. automatically and based on your existing DWH.
With the help of our auditing module, you can create storage space forecasts more easily than ever before. automatically and based on your existing DWH.

MODULE BI Development Kit

Automated object creation for your DWH development
Using the templates of our BI Development Kit, you can automatically create database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures or even SSIS packages. The creation of the objects based on the templates enables a standardised and automated development of your entire DWH. Furthermore, the BI Development Kit works hand in hand with our Load Master module.