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The perfect solution for you

Is your Power BI data stored abroad and are you facing the challenge of migrating to a Swiss or regional data centre? Or has Power BI administration become a complex and time-consuming task for you? Then the BSgroup Data Analytics Power BI Administrator is the perfect solution for you!

Your migration - a piece of cake

In the case of migration, there is currently only one inconvenient option for you: you have to download each individual object, i.e. each dataset, each report, each authorisation, etc., individually and manually, change the associated metadata and then create it again manually in the new tenant, including links and dependencies – a nightmare or hardly feasible with an adequate amount of time and in a reasonable quality.

Our Power BI Administrator offers you the simple and fast option of exporting an entire tenant or individual workspaces and reuniting them in a new tenant.

Optimisation of your Power BI administration

The tool is also excellent for simplifying and optimising your Power BI administration. With the integrated Power Shell module and the use of Power BI APIs from Microsoft, you can easily manage your Power BI portal.

The Power BI Administrator at a glance

Power BI Assessment
With a single Power Shell function, you can analyse your entire Power BI tenant. This allows you to find unused reports and datasets and to see more detailed info about the workspace types, permissions and data sources, etc.

Power BI Tenant Migration and Backup
With a single Power Shell function, you can create a backup of your entire Power BI tenant and import all the objects it contains into the new tenant.

Power BI Administration
In addition to migrating an entire tenant, the tool offers administrative functions that make it easier for you to manage your Power BI environment. For example, you can get an overview of your tenant with our assessment functions, export and import individual objects such as a workspace, or read and update the metadata of a Power BI desktop file (PBIX).

Your competent partner

As a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner in the field of data analytics, we have the necessary expertise in the areas of Power BI, Power Shell, data management and data analytics and can provide you with optimal support.

We are happy to assist you with the migration, a more efficient Power BI administration or also with the implementation of specific reports and solutions in relation to Power BI.

Get our Power BI Administrator for free and get advice from one of our Senior Consultants if you need it!



You want to build a Self-Service BI Platform with the technology of the market leader, but don’t know exactly how and where to start?

We accompany and support you from the conception of the sources to be used to the creation of meaningful reports and dashboards.
Benefit from our many years of experience and the know-how of our certified consultants, who understand and can implement both the technology and your business requirements.

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Power BI Training

Your company already uses Power BI, but you would like to raise the skills of individuals or groups of people to the next level?

We have various training courses in our portfolio that cover all relevant aspects of Power BI from beginners to advanced users; whether data connection from different sources, correct data modelling or the creation of meaningful reports and dashboards.

In addition to the standardised training packages, you can also book us for individual coaching. In the context of individual on-the-job units, we support you in solving complex challenges or issues and show you how to solve future requirements independently using methods and best practices.

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