Business Intelligence

Turn your data into the most important
asset of your company.

We turn your data into capital.

In the modern business world, data is the new gold!

However, this only applies to data that is centrally available and usable. If you haven’t yet managed to unlock your treasure trove of data, you’re probably busy searching for THE one BI solution that fits. In other words, the right tool with which corporate data can be made available and transformed into the capital of successful managers and decision-makers.

Is there the one perfect solution
that meets all your requirements?

Find the right Business Intelligence tools with us

Andrew Reid
Partner Development Manager Lead Microsoft Switzerland

Because every customer and their challenge is unique, so are our BI solutions.
We at BSgroup Data Analytics help you to develop the ONE suitable BI strategy. We are specialised in creating exactly the BI solution you need from the wide range of business intelligence tools and technical implementation options!

Your certified Microsoft specialists

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, all our consultants are certified specialists in the Microsoft stack and have in-depth knowledge of existing technologies and trends. In this way, we create your customised and optimal BI architecture and implement it efficiently and professionally.

See for yourself the unbeatable combination of innovative Microsoft technology with the proven expertise of our consultants.

Make something out of your hidden data treasure and contact us!

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