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Your company already uses Power BI, but you want to develop the skills of individual employees or teams?

We offer a special 3 Days Basic Training” which is ideal for beginners and covers all basic aspects of Power BI. From connecting data from various sources to properly modeling data and creating meaningful reports and dashboards, we’ll make sure your staff has the basics down.

For those who want to take their skills to the next level, we have our 2 Days Advanced Training”. This training deepens the knowledge and skills acquired in Basic Training and covers more complex aspects of Power BI.
In addition to these special training packages, we also offer individual coaching. In individual on-the-job sessions, we support you in solving complex challenges and use methods and best practices to show you how to solve future requirements on your own.

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3 days Basic Training


Our Basic Training is the ideal format to empower individuals or entire teams of your organization for basic analytics in Power BI in three days. The first day starts with an introduction to the tool as well as to the most important basic functions (Power Query, Data Modeling, DAX etc.). The second day is heavily focused on visualization (slicers & filters, drill down & interactions, tooltips, dashboard design & templates). The third day focuses mainly on the topics of dataflows, workspace architecture, advanced modeling and IBCS) and, if necessary, open points from the previous training days are discussed.

Structure and content (training with example data model)


Introduction Power BI
Data Preparation / Data Ingestion
Data Sourcing, Cleansing and Transformation
Data transformation with Power Query
Tabular data modeling
Introduction Dax (concepts and functions)


Review Day 1
Visualization (Slicers & Filters)
Visualization (Drilldown & Interactions)
Tooltips, Bookmarks & Drilldown
Dynamic Measures & Formatting
Dashboard Design & Templates


Review Day 2
Reporting with IBCS & Zebra BI
Dashboard design
Power BI Dataflows
Workspace Architecture & Development
Advanced Data Modeling – Basics
Advanced Data Modeling – additional tools

For whom is the Basic Training suitable?
Individuals and teams (up to 10 participants per coach).
Different know-how levels within teams are no problem.

2 days Advanced Training


The Advanced Training is primarily aimed at existing users in Power BI who have already gained experience with data analysis or have completed the Basic Training. It consolidates existing knowledge and expands it with various practical exercises.

We often adapt the Advanced Training to the customer’s requirements, based on existing datasets/use cases from your daily business. However, there is also the possibility to perform the Advanced Training on a sample data model.

Structure and content (training with example data model)

Introduction to the sample data model
Introduction to external tools in Power BI
Advanced DAX (CALCULATE, table iterators, table functions, date and time intelligence, etc.)
Troubleshooting (performance optimization and best practices)
Advanced Report Design
Creation, customization and configuration of custom design templates
Hands-On: Dashboard Creation
Power BI Service: Security Concepts
Power Platform: Collaboration and Publishing
Field parameter

For whom is the Advanced Training suitable?

Individuals and teams (up to 10 participants per coach).
The Basic Training is required.




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