Business Intelligence for Finance and Controlling

«With BSGROUP Data Analytics AG in the BI environment, we have found a strong partner who can react quickly and competently to changing requirements in a dynamic business environment.»

«BSgroup Data Analytics AG has excellent expertise in the Microsoft stack. Furthermore, I was convinced by their strong practical relevance and the structured approach to implement the project quickly and smoothly.»

Thomas Stöcklin, CFO Manor AG

With new corporate management into the future of the digital age

Manor AG is the largest department stores’ group in Switzerland and is represented in all parts of the country. The company currently employs about 8300 people and trains 330 apprentices. The Manor Group owns 59 Manor department stores, 30 Manor Food supermarkets and 27 Manora restaurants. In total, Manor stocks over one million articles from around 2 800 suppliers from all over the world. Of these, around 700 are local producers who supply seasonal products to the Manor Food markets.

«We need a consistent and centralised view of the company’s data that unites all of Manor’s business units and that is available and usable at all times for all relevant departments.»

«BSGROUP has been a key partner in setting up a simple Financial- and Operational reporting that allows fast business analysis and decision making.»

Sandra Kottenauer,
Chief Product & Marketing Officer Manor AG


This order marked the start of our successful collaboration with Manor AG in 2017.

Our project manager at Manor, Mario Ghidoni, had the vision of also setting up a new, company-wide financial reporting system within a short period of time as part of the introduction of a new ERP system, which would allow the use and analysis of control-relevant data across different departments.

The biggest challenges of the project team were, on the one hand, to prepare the goods and financial data generated by the ERP system in such a way as to obtain a financial view right up to the operational reporting and, on the other hand, to work out the best possible solutions due to the very large data volumes.

With our solution, we have designed the data model in such a way that highly aggregated data can be analysed directly down to the smallest unit at item level without media discontinuity. With XL3 and XL3-Web, Manor AG is now able to provide around 3,000 employees with consistent and, if required, highly granular data. Both the specific needs of controlling and those of operational areas such as retail and purchasing are covered by one data model.


From more than 140 static reports, it was possible to create a portfolio of 12 dynamic standard reports for Manor AG in accordance with the IBCS standard. This includes the entire income statement with various views and levels of detail, as well as a buying report with temporal visualisation of the order volumes or a report on the daily, weekly and monthly performance measurement of the sales outlets.

The efficiency gains from consistency and the single-point-of-truth approach allow more time to be invested in interpretation and content rather than data and report preparation.

The uniform data catalogue and the integrated control system create the basis for managing the department stores’ group in the digital age and for further developing the existing analysis options.

«BSgroup Data Analytics AG’s experience with similar issues made it possible to find a common language in an uncomplicated way.
The project setup was always clear, constant and the allocation of resources was accompanied by a lot of flexibility and great availability.»

«The result convinces with its consistency, a clear data model and thus good acceptance by the users. The consistent data catalogue and integrated control set the course for managing the company in the digital age and further developing analytics.»

Mario Ghidoni, Head of Special Projects Manor AG