FluenceXL extends what’s possible with data

«This is software made by finance people for finance people. 100% compliant with IBCS®.»

Dr. Rolf Hichert, IBCS® Certification Team


FluenceXL consultation hour

FluenceXL is user-friendly and is installed as an Excel add-in.

With FluenceXL, you benefit from an extremely user-friendly and flexible analysis tool that enables all users in your company to retrieve and analyze reports within Excel from a central database and quickly generate insights. We recommend FluenceXL to any customer already using Excel for reporting, as users can continue to work in their familiar environment while utilizing new and improved functionality in their daily work with Excel.

Slice and dice your data

FluenceXL gives you the ability to view your data from a 360° angle and customize it to meet individual reporting requirements.
Why choose FluenceXL?
  • Because you add more functionalities to your controllers’ favourite tool
  • Because these new functionalities and formulas allow more flexibility and possibilities in report generation
  • Because FluenceXL can also be used without special IT knowledge
  • Because with FluenceXL your insights can be visualized directly in Excel according to a uniform information design
  • Because with the FluenceXL web application you can share all your reports and dashboards on a device of your choice