NO. 11: Commenting

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Nurol Arslan, CEO & Partner


Our eleventh XLCubed feature

Today we will take a deeper look at Commenting, one of the most exciting features in XCLcubed. Aren’t you tired of explaining or justifying a number over and over again? Xlcubed delivers a solution by providing a commenting feature. Let’s prepare a sample Grid for the demonstration.

Activating the commenting feature in XlCubed is very simple and displaying it is even easier. Commenting is a Grid Property. It means it has to be activated on each individual Grid. The amazing benefit in here is, that on every Grid where Commenting is active, you see all Comments used in the Data Catalog.

Every Comment is stored with it’s specific Coordinates, meaning on that selected Measure and Attribute with the selected Values.

As soon as a comment is saved, it is signalized by a pink triangle. We also have the option to activate a Comment Frame for each grid to display the Comments in a more comfortable way. Here we can Edit or Reply on a comment in a more convenient way.

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