Data warehouse in the cloud

Modern and scalable Azure Cloud solutions that grow flexibly with you.


Invest in the future and take advantage of the Azure Cloud to modernise your IT infrastructure.

Do you have an existing IT infrastructure that no longer meets your needs for a modern data warehouse & analytics platform?

You want performance and scalability despite growing data volumes and increasing requirements, but you don’t want to spend a fortune?

Benefit from the advantages of a cloud database
from Microsoft

Cloud Management at it‘s best. With an Azure Data Lake and the Azure Synapse platform, you benefit from an extremely scalable and modern reference architecture based on the latest technologies that flexibly adapts to your needs.

BSgroup Data Analytics
for your way into the cloud!

  • As experienced Microsoft consultants and certified Azure Gold Partners, we help bring light into the jungle of cloud services.
  • We create an individual roadmap for your cloud migration
  • We run readiness tests to ensure that the optimal mix of cloud services is used for your business.
  • We build your modern and scalable cloud data centre with you
  • We take your cloud data management to the next level with technologies such as Data Lake, Azure Data Warehouse and Power BI.
  • Benefit from the many years of experience of our “cloud consultants” and our proven Azure Cloud-based templates and highly automated frameworks.
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Céline Kreyenbühl
Business Group Lead Azure Microsoft Switzerland