Why We


«Commitment to society and the environment is
anchored as an important part of our corporate culture.»

Christian Urbina,
Senior Consultant

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«We maximize the use of your data and thus create the basis for your digital transformation.»

Stefan Jakob, Head of Sales &
Business Development


«Loyal cooperation and mutual appreciation with our employees, partners and customers determine our joint success.»

Johnson Fapong, Senior Consultant

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«People should enjoy working for our company and want to get involved.»

Lisa Parmentier, Management Consultant Data Excellence

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«In today’s digital world, so much data is produced every day that it is easy to lose track of things. We support you in recognizing the essentials and getting the best out of your data.»

Egarat Kaoroprat, Senior Consultant

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«Data analysis is more than the technical implementation. It can also be fun.
We’ll show you how.»

Christoph Schallenberg, Senior Consultant

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«We see ourselves as reliable and fair partners for our customers.»

Sascha Feldmann, Senior Consultant

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«BSgroup Data Analytics empowers your customers to derive the greatest possible benefit from data and accompanies them on their digital transformation journey.»

Mohamed Ennamsaoui, Senior Consultant

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«The exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge is an essential and enjoyable part of our daily work.»

Ivo Schindelholz, Senior Consultant

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«We are a learning company and invest in the qualification of our employees and in the use of new technologies. This ensures that we provide the best possible customer benefit for the solutions we offer.»

Nurol Arslan, CEO

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«We develop the perfect solution for our customers for the challenges and existing conditions.»

Mathias Zimmermann, Partner

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«With the perfect combination of technology and expertise, we make your project a success.»

Ivo Becker, Partner

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«Data is the driver of digitalisation. We help you to create value from data, in partnership and reliably.»

Roger Unholz, Partner